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China international shipping companies specialize in transporting cars to and from China. Such companies are usually very familiar with the complex rules and regulations involved in importing a car into China from foreign destinations.

Reviews of China International Shipping Companies

Shipping to China

International car shippers can help you with your export documents as well as with your customs clearance processes in China. Most of the reputable China international shipping companies will be able to give you a detailed list of the documents you will need to provide, the applications you will need to fill out and the customs duties you can expect to pay in order to legally bring your vehicle into China.

Car Shipping Options

Car transport companies will ship your car either on a Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) basis or in a container. With the first option, you car will be driven onto the ship and secured for transport in an allotted parking space on the ship. With the second option, your car will put into either a 20′ or a 40′ foot container and loaded on the ship. You can choose to ship the car by itself in the container, or you can load other household items and personal goods in the container along with the car.

Documents Required to Import a Car in China

Regardless of the method you choose to ship your car, all China international shipping companies are required to follow a mandated set of procedures before they can ship a car to the country. At the port of origin in the US, you will be asked to provide copies of the registration and title of your car, as well as proof of insurance and a copy of your driver’s license.

You may also be asked to show proof that you are eligible to ship a car to China. Acceptable documents include your work visa, residence card or permit, residency registration papers, application for import of personal effects or a customs permit. Remember, all cars, whether new or used, are considered dutiable items in China. The amount of duty you pay will depend on the engine size of the vehicle being imported. If you can show that you are a certified foreign expert, you will be able to import your car duty-free in China.

Clearing Customs

Most China international shipping companies recommend that anyone shipping cars or other items to China travel in advance to the country in order to receive the goods. Under Chinese customs regulations, the customer has to be in China before the shipment arrives in order to complete all formalities. As the owner of the car being imported, you will be required to provide documents that show proof of age of the vehicle and the value of the vehicle. You will also be required to submit a written application as well as an import cargo declaration before you can bring the vehicle into the country.

Most reputable China international shipping companies are familiar with such rules and will be able to help you navigate them efficiently, so consider hiring one if you plan on shipping a vehicle to the country.

Be prepared to deal with a slew of customs formalities and import regulations if you want to shipping a car to China. As a country that keeps a strict eye on all imports, China has some very tight regulations for accepting cars from outside the country. Generally, it is much easier to ship a car to China if you are a foreign citizen and the car is meant for personal use during your stay in China.

Shipping to China

There are a few items you need to keep in mind if you plan to ship a car to China:

  • The country prohibits the import of used vehicles unless you can show that it is meant for personal use.
  • You can only ship left-hand drive vehicles to China. People in China drive on the right hand side of the road, and all their vehicles have steering wheels on the left, just as they do in the U.S.
  • You cannot ship a car to China that is more than 20 years old regardless of whether it is for personal use or otherwise.
  • Import of all vehicles that run on diesel fuel, except for Jeeps, is banned in China.
  • While it is okay to import hybrid cars that run on gasoline and electricity, it’s relatively much harder to import an all-electric car to China.

Taxes on Car Imports

China has a tiered tariff structure on imported cars. The rates vary from 25 percent to 47 percent of the vehicle’s value depending on engine displacement. The country also assesses a 17 percent value added tax on new passenger vehicles. Be aware, though, that people from abroad, who are certified as being experts in their field by the Chinese government, can import their car tax-free. So, if you are a foreign expert, you can get your car into China tax-free. Foreign companies that set up operations in China can also import up to 10 cars into the country tax-free.

Preparing Your Car for Shipment

Before you can shipping a car to China, there are certain other formalities that you need to take care of first. For example, you will need to hand over copies of your vehicle’s registration and title, as well as a copy of your driver’s license to the shipping company. If you have an outstanding loan against the car, you will need to get a no-objection letter for shipping the car from your creditor.

Safety Checks

You will also need to complete a safety check of the vehicle at the port of origin. Your fuel tank may need to be emptied before shipping. You will need to hand over a set of keys to the ignition, gas cap and trunk of your vehicle. You will also need to ensure that the trunk and the entire car are emptied of all luggage and other personal belongings.

Choosing a Shipping Company

When choosing an international car shipping company, it is always advisable to choose a transporter which specializes in hauling cars to China. Such companies will be familiar with the latest rules and regulations governing car imports in China. Be aware, also, that you can import cars through only a very few ports in China. In order to drive your vehicle in China, you will need to obtain a license from that country. A U.S driver’s license and an international license are not valid in China. In general, when you ship a car to China, it is a good idea to make yourself as familiar as possible with the customs regulations and policies that govern such imports.

The rules for importing a car from China to the U.S. are the same as they are for importing a car from any other country. However, bringing car a car into the country from China can be challenging because cars designed for the Chinese market have a hard time meeting U.S safety and emission standards. Your best option for shipping a car from China is to hire an international shipping company that specializes in transporting cars from that country to the US.

International Car Shipping

International car shipping companies in China transport cars in large specialized car carriers. You can import a car from China in a 20′ or 40′ container along with your other household goods and personal items. Or, you can have your car transported in a Roll on Roll off (RoRo) carrier, in which your car is driven on board the ship to a specific parking spot, transported to its destination, and driven off the ship to your new destination.

Documents Needed to Ship a Car

Before accepting your car for shipment to the US, your car shipping company will require you to provide them with a copy of your vehicle registration, title, license and a no-objection certificate showing that the car is approved for export from China. When shipping a car from China, make sure to ask the car carrier for a copy of the bill of lading and the exact date on which the car will arrive at your U.S. destination, because you will require both to clear your car through U.S. customs.

Customs Duties

You will need the bill of lading, the foreign registration, vehicle title, and original bill of sale in order to import a car from China. Cars imported from China will be assessed an import duty of 2.5 percent if you are bringing the car into the country on a permanent basis. You can ship a car from China duty free if you plan on staying in the U.S. for one year or less and do not sell the vehicle in the U.S.

Safety and Emissions Tests

If the vehicle you are importing from China was not manufactured specifically for use in North America, it will be subject to a set of stringent safety and emissions tests. The emissions tests by the Environmental Protection Agency can last up to 14 hours and cost you up to $1,000 to get done. The safety tests, meanwhile, will be performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The tests are designed to verify if your car’s bumpers, safety restraints, headlights and other components meet specified U.S. standards.

Items to Remember When Importing a Car

When shipping a car from China to the US, there are a few other details that you need to keep in mind.

  • You will need to arrive in the country before your vehicle does in order to clear it through customs.
  • If you cannot be in the country personally, you can ask the shipping company to forward your car to a bonded customs warehouse from where you can later clear customs formalities.
  • The U.S Department of Agriculture requires you to thoroughly clean the undercarriage of your vehicle to ensure that your car is pest free before it is brought into the country.

Importing a car from China is costly and complicated, and, unless you have done it before, it may be best to have a company that specializes in importing goods from China to do it for you.