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France international shipping companies help consumers transport cars between France and the USA. Since they specialize in hauling cars between the two countries, they are usually experts at handling all the paperwork, customs formalities and payments that are required to import a car into either country. Many shipping companies offer services throughout France and the United States. That means you can have your car picked up and shipped regardless of where you are based or where you want the vehicle shipped within the two countries.

Reviews of France International Shipping Companies

Shipping from France

France international shipping companies typically use the ports of Bordeaux, Nantes and Brest to ship cars to the US. Cars shipped from these ports are transported via the Atlantic Ocean to various ports along the US eastern seaboard, including Boston, New Jersey and Savannah. Once the vehicles are cleared through customs, they are hauled by trucks to various inland destinations.

Shipping Options

Typically, the entire process of picking up and transporting a vehicle between the two countries takes between three and four weeks. Some companies offer port-to-port transportation, while others offer international, door-to-door shipping services. Most shipping companies in France service all major cities in that country, including Paris, Chantilly, Lyon, Marseilles, Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Container Shipping

International shipping companies use container vessels or Roll on Roll off (RoRo) ships to haul cars between France and the US. With container shipping, your car will be transported in a 20′ or 40′ metal container. Some France international shipping companies allow customers to stow home goods and personal items in partially-filled containers at no extra charge.

RoRo Shipping

Other carriers transport cars on RoRo vessels. This is a type of shipping option where cars are driven on board the ship, and then parked and secured in an open, parking garage-like space, and transported to its destination. Most international shipping companies charge less for the RoRo option compared to container shipping.

Professional Shipping Services

If you haven’t shipped a car between the two countries, it is probably a good idea to let a professional shipping company handle all the importation formalities. Importing a car into the US from France can be a big challenge, especially if the vehicle does not conform to US safety and emissions standards. Most major France international shipping companies will be able to provide you with guidance on the required documentation, and can also put you in touch with Registered Importers, who can help bring your car into compliance with US standards.

Required Documentation

Auto shipping companies require the following documents in order to ship a car to an international destination:

  • Original bill of sale or a receipt documenting the price you paid for the car.
  • Foreign registration and title.
  • A notarized letter from your bank clearing the export of your car. This requirement applies only if you have an outstanding loan against the vehicle.
  • Photo ID and/or license.
  • Generally, shipping a car from France to the U.S is less complicated compared to many other countries. Even so, France international shipping companies can eliminate a lot of the guesswork and effort involved in shipping a car between the two countries.

    You can ship a car to France from the U.S. in a relatively straightforward manner. Unlike many other countries, France has a set of easy-to-follow processes for importing a vehicle. France also has relatively low import tariffs compared to other countries, which means that you can import a car to France without having to worry too much about the cost implications.

    Car Shipping Services to France

    Typically, car shipping companies take between three and four weeks to ship a car to France from America. US shipping companies offer car transportation services to several major cities in France, including Bordeaux, Chantilly, Lyon, Marseilles, Toulouse and Paris. Your car will, typically, be transported either in a container or on board a Roll on Roll off shipping (RoRo) vessel.

    Container Shipping and RoRo Shipping

    Container shipping is the safer of the two options, since your car will be transported securely in a container of its own. Some shipping companies will allow you to pack personal goods and household items in the same container, as long as the additional items fit in the container securely. However, RoRo is the cheaper of the two options for shipping a car to France. With RoRo shipping, your car will be driven on broad a RoRO vessel, parked on an open car deck and transported to France, where it will be driven off the ship and handed back to you.

    Documents Required to Export a Car to France

    Shipping companies require the following items in order import a car to France.

    • A copy of your vehicle registration and title.
    • A properly notarized statement from your bank or creditor authorizing transport of the vehicle to a foreign destination.
    • A photo ID.
    • A letter authorizing your agent to pick up your car in case you are unable to receive it personally in France.
    • Your car keys.

    Customs Formalities

    Regardless of the method you choose to ship your car, the customs formalities upon arrival in France remain the same. Individuals importing a car to France are required to pay a customs duty of 10 percent of the value of the car, and a value added tax (VAT) of 19.6 percent. You will also be required to show proof of ownership of the vehicle, title, the original bill of sale and the bill of lading from your shipping company.

    Registering Your Car in France

    When importing a car to France, you will be required to register the vehicle in the country using a process known as ‘immatriculation.’ In addition, you will need to obtain a Grey Card, or ‘Carte Grise,’ from the Prefecture where you will be living. You will have four months after the car enters France to complete the required formalities. If you plan on shipping a car to France and are uncertain about how to do it, you can ask your shipping company to help you with the necessary paperwork and custom formalities.

    You can import a car from France to the USA so long as the vehicle is in compliance with American safety and emissions standards. Most cars that operate in France are built to European Union (EU) safety standards, which are very similar to, or, sometimes, even stricter than US requirements. So, in most cases, you should be able to import a car from France without too many problems, especially if the car is meant for personal use and will be re-exported out of the US when the owner leaves the country.

    Shipping Options

    You can ship a car from France to the US in a container ship or on a less expensive Roll on Roll off (RoRo) vessel. The main advantage with container shipping is that your car will be transported in a separate container of its own, which means that it will be well protected from weather and other potential sources of damage during transit. With RoRo shipping, your car will be transported to its destination on an open car deck onboard a special-purpose RoRo ship along with hundreds of other cars. You can choose either option when shipping a car from France.

    Car Shipping Services in France

    You can ship a car to the US from several major cities in France, including Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse and Avignon. When you ship a car from France, your car will, typically, be transported to a US port on the East Coast, and then hauled over land to its ultimate destination. Typically, a shipping company will require between three and four weeks to transport a car from France to the US.

    Documents for Shipping a Car

    Before shipping a car from France, make sure you have all of the required documentation. Your shipping company will require a copy of the car’s registration, its title, and an export clearance document from your bank if you have an outstanding loan against the vehicle. US customs officials will require the same documents. In addition, they will also require a bill of lading from your shipper, the original bill of sale for your vehicle and proof of vehicle ownership.

    US Quality Requirements

    If you are planning on importing a car from France to the USA, make sure that the vehicle is fully compliant with American requirements for car safety and emission standards. Cars that are compliant with US requirements can be imported by paying a customs duty of 5 percent. You can import a non-compliant car on the condition that you bring it into compliance within 45 days. The task of bringing the car into compliance can only be performed by a Registered Importer, and can end up being very costly. Always remember to factor in and plan for these costs when importing a car from France to the United States.