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New Zealand international shipping companies help individuals transport their cars and other personal belongings to and from New Zealand. They are specialists in transporting cargo between the two countries, and many offer door-to-door service to any destination in either the United States or New Zealand. In addition to transporting cargo, international shipping companies in New Zealand often help customers with customs clearance formalities, technical inspections, freight forwarding, and storage services.

Reviews of New Zealand International Shipping Companies

Container Shipping and RoRo Services

New Zealand shippers offer services to ports along the US East Coast and the US West Coast. Shipping companies typically take about 21 days to transport goods from New Zealand to the west coast, and about one month to transport it to the east coast. Cars are transported in containers or on board special Roll on Roll off (RoRo) car-carrying vessels. Most shipping companies offer container services between the United States and New Zealand on a weekly basis. RoRo services operate less frequently, and are usually limited to a monthly service, or a bi-weekly service at best. The cost to ship a car in a container between the two countries ranges between $3,500 and $4,500.

Car Import Requirements

Both New Zealand and the United States have fairly complex car import requirements. For instance, all vehicles imported into the United States from overseas need to meet stringent safety and emissions controls requirements. Similarly, cars imported to New Zealand must meet that country’s quality and safety standards before they are allowed into the country. Fortunately, most New Zealand international shipping companies offer services to help customers navigate their way through such challenges.

Additional Services

Many New Zealand shippers, for instance, offer pre-shipping inspection services, which customers can use to verify that their vehicles meet import control requirements. Such services typically cost between $300 and $2,000, depending on the location of the car and the kind of inspection that needs to be carried out. For an additional fee, many New Zealand shippers will also act as an agent for the customer to help clear a vehicle through the customs clearance process.

Online Price Quotes

Most international shipping companies offer free online price quotes. The prices quoted will usually be for shipping a car from port to port. The cost of shipping a car from an inland destination to a port is usually quoted separately. Often, the prices quoted by New Zealand international shipping companies will not include insurance protection, so you will need to purchase insurance separately if you want coverage for your vehicle while it is in transit.

Despite the distance involved, shipping a car to New Zealand from the United States is not very difficult, so long as you pay attention to the details. New Zealand permits the import of new and used cars for personal use, for sale, or even for parts. However, the country has fairly stringent quality requirements, and a relatively complex customs clearance and vehicle certification process for importing a car to New Zealand.

Pre-Shipping Inspections

Many of the people seeking to import a car to New Zealand are residents of that country who have purchased a classic car, or a high-end luxury vehicle in the United States and want it shipped back home. Often, these purchases are made over the Internet from sites such as eBay, Craigslist or high-end vehicle dealers. A lot of cars are purchased sight unseen and need to be appraised before they can be purchased and shipped to New Zealand. Many car shipping companies offer car appraisal services in the United States for individuals who wish to ship a car to New Zealand. The cost for such services can run from $300 to $2,000, depending on where the vehicle is located and the kind of appraisal that needs to be done.

Transporting a Car to New Zealand

Shipping companies transport cars either in a container or on a Roll on Roll off shipping (RoRo) vessel. The cost of shipping a car to New Zealand from the United States typically ranges between $3,600 and $4,100. Some shipping companies include customs clearing costs in their estimates, while others quote only the actual car transportation costs. Generally, it takes about 31 days to ship a car to New Zealand from the US East Coast, and about 28 days to ship it from the West Coast.

Border Inspection and Customs Clearance

The border inspection and customs clearance process are the most complicated parts about importing a car to New Zealand. All vehicles that arrive in the country from overseas have to go through an initial quarantine inspection at the wharf by the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. During this process, the vehicle is inspected for structural damage or other issues that might make it non-roadworthy in New Zealand. Cars that are deemed structurally damaged need to be repaired, junked, or sold for parts. Cars that pass the border check then need to go through a customs clearance process, during which time the car importer will be required to pay all applicable customs duties. In order to import a car to New Zealand, the importer then needs to get the vehicle certified for use on the country’s roads by an entry certification authority.

International car shipping companies can help you ship a car from New Zealand to the United States in a safe and cost effective manner. Many companies offer weekly, monthly and bi-monthly car shipping services to the US from Australia and New Zealand. Roll on Roll off (RoRo) vessels operate on a fortnightly or monthly basis between the two countries, while container shipping companies offer weekly services. You can choose either method for shipping a car from New Zealand to the United States.

Shipping Costs

Shipping a car from New Zealand to the United States costs between $3,500 and $5,000 exclusive of customs duties. Cars shipped from New Zealand take about three weeks to arrive at the US West Coast, and about a month to reach ports along the US East Coast. Many shipping companies offer door-to-door car shipping services between the two countries, while others offer port-to-port and port-to-door car shipping services.

US Safety and Emissions Requirements

The United States has very stringent safety requirements for cars imported from other countries. When importing a car from New Zealand, you need to make sure the vehicle is designed for use in North America. The vehicle’s safety features and its emissions controls need to meet or exceed prescribed standards for US vehicles. You can import a car from New Zealand even if it does not meet these standards. However, you will need to be prepared to undertake extensive and expensive modifications to the vehicle before it is certified for use in the US.

Pre-Shipping Appraisal

Before importing a car from New Zealand, it’s a good idea to have it professionally appraised to see if the vehicle meets US import standards. Many shipping companies offer such appraisal services, so it’s a good idea to check with your shipper to see if they can help you determine the vehicle’s readiness for US roads. In case you need to make modifications to the car, your shipping company can help you find a US registered importer to work with in bringing the car into compliance.

Required Documents

When shipping a car from New Zealand, make sure you have a clear title to the vehicle and also all technical documentation from the manufacturer. You will require these documents during the technical inspection and customs clearance process. In order to import a car from New Zealand to the United States, you will also require the original bill of lading and purchase invoice showing the price you paid for the car.