North Dakota Auto Transport Quotes

Got milk? North Dakota does; the drink is so popular among residents that it was made the official state beverage. Naturally, you need something to go with all that milk, and nothing fits the bill like a burger of record breaking proportions. The town of Rutland made history in 1982 when 8,000 to 10,000 visited the town to share in a 3,591 pound hamburger, the largest ever cooked and eaten. After successfully moving your family’s vehicle to the state, you and your North Dakota car shipping company representatives can celebrate the good work over a frosty glass of milk.

Five Tips to Get a Great Deal on North Dakota Car Shipping

  • Total it up.
    When looking for a quote from North Dakota car shipping services, be sure to take into account all the factors that influence the bill, including the dates you need the vehicle moved, what type of vehicle is being shipped and whether you want it transported in a special enclosed container or aboard a regular car trailer.
  • Add a clause.
    In case of unforeseen incidents or delays, ask that your contract contain a clause waiving cancellation fees if the car has not been picked up within a reasonable window of time after the agreed upon date. Ask for an agreement in writing from your North Dakota car shipping company, one that ensures any cancellation fee will be waived in the event the car is not picked up by your auto transport service within a certain number of days of the scheduled pickup date
  • Be patient.
    While your North Dakota car shipping service will do all they can to ensure that you get your vehicle as quickly as possible, remember that a number of things affect shipping times, including weather, condition of the truck hauling the car and the destination. A car moving from one coast to the heart of the country may take only a few days, while a coast to coast or even international car shipping might take several weeks.
  • Deliver it by day.
    If at all possible, ask your North Dakota car shipping representative if your car can be delivered during daylight hours. This will enable you to inspect for damage more easily. If this is not possible, arrange for pickup in a well-lit area, so the entire vehicle is visible.
  • Pack up the paperwork.
    All the documentation you will need to ship your vehicle will be provided by the North Dakota car shipping company that you choose to partner with. This should include a copy of the agreed upon price as well as an inspection report detailing any pre-existing damage to the vehicle, the make, model and tag number, current mileage and the dates for shipping and delivery.