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Car shipping companies can help you ship any type of vehicle locally, interstate, or internationally. Get the best service from state-of-the-art car carriers capable of shipping vehicles safely and quickly.

The Car Transport Process: What to Expect

Vehicle shipping can be rather intimidating, but in the right hands, it can be a very simple process. After you compare quotes and hire a licensed and bonded auto shipping company, there are a few more tasks to complete. You should begin preparing any necessary documentation, and work with your carrier to determine any applicable fees, restrictions and/or regulations of your destination city.

How Your Vehicle Will Travel

It’s important to ask your car hauler about the estimated delivery time. Many companies use open carrier transporters to ship standard-sized vehicles, and your car may travel all over the country before it reaches its destination. If shipping internationally, your vehicle will have to go through customs, weigh stations, and check points. The position of your vehicle on the transport truck itself can also determine when it will be delivered. All of these factors play a role in determining when you get your vehicle.

You may also want to ask if the shipper can guarantee door-to-door transport, or if they’ll be shipping port-to-port instead. The transport vehicles are often too large to navigate small residential streets, so they may require an alternative pick-up point, or the driver may use his judgement to unload your vehicle near your home.

The type of transport trailer will vary from company to company, and according to the type of vehicle you need to move. Options include: open carrier transporters, enclosed transporters, hot shot trucks, single trailers, and freight containers (for international shipping). Enclosed car transport will protect your vehicle from exposure to the elements, but it is more expensive than standard open carrier shipping. Your primary concerns should be the safety and security of your vehicle, so work with your company to determine which shipping method will best protect your vehicles during the move.

Find the Best Auto Transport Companies in Minutes

Vehicle shipping can be a simple and low-risk process, in the right hands. The most important thing to do is find an experienced and trusted auto transport company that can ensure the safety of your vehicle during shipping. Many people make the mistake of choosing transporters who quote the lowest price. While the shipping cost is definitely a factor to consider, you need to be more concerned that your car won’t be damaged before it arrives at its destination.

Depending on your individual needs, you might be looking for auto shipping companies with experience moving boats, motorhomes (RVs), motorcycles or even shipping internationally. Local, interstate car transport is pretty straightforward, but an international move is much more complicated. You will need to find a carrier that can help you with documentation, fees, restrictions and regulations of your destination country.