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Italy international shipping companies are your best bet if you are looking to ship an automobile or other cargo to or from Italy. Italian shipping companies are usually experienced at hauling cargo between the US and Italy, and, typically, will have a good understanding of the rules and regulations pertaining to imports and exports between the two countries. Most offer door-to-door, door-to-port, port-to-port and port-to-door services to any destination within the United States and Italy.

Reviews of Italy International Shipping Companies

Multiple Shipping Routes and Services

Italy international shipping companies offer services to and from all of the major seaports in the country, including Livorno, Genoa, Naples and Venice. Italian shipping companies transport goods to ports along the U.S. East Coast and the U.S. West Coast. Many of the large shipping companies in the country offer rail and road transportation options to help customers transport their goods between seaports and inland destinations. Many companies offer customs clearance, storage and freight forwarding services for customers who want door-to-door service.

LCL, FCL and RoRo Shipping

Most Italian transport companies give customers the option of shipping their cargo in containers or in boxed, crated or palletized form. Container shipping companies typically accept full container load (FCL) consignments as well as less-than-container load (LCL) orders. Customers looking to ship automobiles to or from Italy can use either the container shipping option or the Roll on Roll off (RoRo) option. With RoRo shipping, the car will be loaded on a special car-carrying vessel and transported to its destination.

Shipping Times and Costs

Italy international shipping companies take between two weeks and four weeks to transport cargo between the two countries. Goods shipped to or from the US West Coast can take upwards of six weeks to arrive at their destination. The cost to ship goods between Italy and the United States depends entirely on the total space occupied by the goods, as well as its final destination. The cost to ship a less-than-container load between the two countries is determined solely by volume and not weight. The cost for shipping a full container load can run between $2,200 and $2,500.

Customs Requirements

Shipping goods between the United States and Italy is a fairly straightforward task. Even so, shippers need to comply with a laundry list of customs requirements for importing goods into either country. It’s a good idea to research and understand all requirements before you attempt to ship an automobile or other items to or from either country. Many Italy international shipping companies help customers with customs clearance formalities, so take advantage of these services if you are unsure about what you need to do ship an item between the two countries.

You can ship a car to Italy from the United States without too many problems so long as you have a clear understanding of the country’s vehicle import requirements. Italy has a fairly narrow policy when it comes to importing cars to the country. Basically, only citizens of the country or foreign nationals with permanent resident status in Italy can import a car to Italy. Tourists can bring a vehicle into the country duty-free, but only on a temporary basis. They are allowed to keep the car in the country for a maximum of six months.

Container Shipping and RoRo Shipping Options

You can ship a car to Italy from any US seaport. Most major shipping companies provide door-to-door and port-to-port shipping service to any destination in Italy. You can ship your car to Italy either in a container or on board a Roll on Roll off (RoRo) vessel. A container is a convenient and cost-effective option for shipping a car to Italy, especially if you are shipping other items besides your car. Most shipping companies will allow you to store household goods and personal belongings in the same container as your car.

Cost of Transporting a Car to Italy

You can expect to pay between $2,200 and $2,500 for shipping a full container load to Italy. A RoRo option is cheaper than a container if you are only shipping a car. RoRo costs are based purely on the size of the vehicle, and not its weight. In addition to shipping costs, also be prepared to pay customs duties and the costs involved with technical inspections in Italy.

Customs Formalities

Regardless of the method you use for shipping a car to Italy, the customs rules remain the same. If you are a citizen or legal resident of Italy, you will be allowed to import your car duty-free so long as you have used it for at least one year. If your car is less than one year old, you will be required to pay a customs duty of 11 percent to import a car to Italy. You will need to have your US registration information, the title to the vehicle and a complete list of its technical specifications from the vehicle manufacturer. If there is a loan against the car, you will need a notarized letter from your bank approving the export of the vehicle.

Technical Inspection

Once the vehicle is registered in Italy, you have 60 days to get a technical inspection done to make sure it meets Italian safety standards. If you are importing a car to Italy on a temporary basis you do not need to register the vehicle or get a technical inspection done. In rare cases, you will be allowed to keep the car without Italian registration for longer than six months. However, if you plan on keeping the car for a longer period of time, the vehicle will be subject to the same duties and inspections that are needed when you are formally importing a car to Italy.

The main factor you need to consider when shipping a car from Italy to the United States is the vehicle’s technical specifications and its emissions controls. You can import a car from Italy without too many problems, so long as the vehicle meets US safety and environmental standards. In general, only cars that are designed specifically for North America are permitted into the US.

Shipping Options from Italy

The people who most often ship a car from Italy to the US are military personnel, government employees and private American citizens returning to the country after a temporary stay in Italy. If you are one of them, you basically have two options for shipping a car to the United States. You can either ship the car in a container, or you can ship it back home on a Roll on Roll off (RoRo) vessel. Most major shipping companies offer port-to-port, port-to-door, door-to-port and door-to-door shipping services to any destination within the U.S.

Documents Needed to Import a Car

The main documents you will need when importing a car from Italy are the vehicle’s foreign registration plates, proof of ownership of the vehicle, your driver’s license and passport, and the vehicle’s technical specifications from the manufacturer of the car. The shipping company will require you to provide an ignition key, as well as keys to the vehicle’s trunk and to any other locked compartment in the car. Shipping companies do not allow personal items and other goods to be stored in a vehicle during transit.

Shipping Costs

You can expect to pay between $2,200 and $2,500 to ship a car from Italy to the US East Coast in a container, and upwards of $3,000 if you want it shipped to a destination on the West Coast. If you choose the RoRo option, your shipping cost will be based on the size of the vehicle. International shipping companies typically charge by volume and not by weight. Typically, the bigger your vehicle, the more you will pay to import a car from Italy. Most shipping companies offer free online estimates. Compare quotes from multiple companies before choosing one.

Customs Clearance

In most cases, you will need to be personally present to clear your car through US customs. You will need to have your original bill of lading, as well as the car’s registration and title in order to clear it through Customs. When importing a car from Italy, make sure the vehicle meets US safety and emissions controls standards. If your car is non-complaint, you will be required to work with a federally registered importer to bring the car into compliance. Remember, the cost of changing safety restraint systems, lamps and emissions controls to bring a car into compliance can be very steep. When shipping a car from Italy, it’s best to select a shipping company that is willing and able to help you with US Customs formalities.